South Carolina Golf Association Eligibility and Residency Policy South Carolina Golf Association Eligibility: Eligibility is open to an amateur golfer who is a legal resident of South Carolina, who has a USGA Handicap Index issued by a SCGA member club through GHIN (except junior championships), who meets USGA Handicap Index requirements (if listed on the championship entry form), and who meets age requirements listed on entry form. A golfer must also possess the above stated USGA Handicap Index 60 days prior to the starting date of the event South Carolina Residency Criteria: A golfer is considered to be a resident if he/she meets the following residency requirements: (1) maintains his/her primary residence in South Carolina (2) is qualified to vote in local, state and national elections in the state of South Carolina and (3) files a South Carolina State Income Tax return. Military Criteria: Members of the United States Military with Permanent Duty Assignment in South Carolina are eligible to participate in SCGA Events. State Income Tax and Voter Registration requirements are waived.

College Student Criteria: A student who is claimed as a dependent on his parents, or legal guardian’s income tax is deemed to be a resident of the same State in which his parents or legal guardian resides. A college student that is not claimed as a dependent is required to meet Residency Criteria 1, 2, & 3, as listed above. Junior Criteria: He/She must be 17 years old or younger and be the dependent of a member of an SCGA member Club. The parent; stepparent or legal guardian must meet South Carolina Residency criteria as listed above.


Eligibility and residency requirements do not apply to SCGA Forty Plus tournaments, SCGA One Day tournaments (Regular and Senior) and SCGA Tournament of Champions.

A competitor may submit only one entry for each championship. Applicants for reinstatement to amateur status are not eligible for SCGA events.

Handicap Index limitations are listed on individual entry forms The SCGA reserves the right to reject any entry if; the entrant allowed a no card (NC) or did not show (DNS) in a SCGA event during the previous year

Professionals are eligible only for events which specifically include professionals, (to include Father–Son, Trescott and SCGA Pro Am). Entrants that misrepresent eligibility or playing proficiency are subject to disqualification and rejection from future SCGA events.