GHIN Handicap Program: The SCGA, WSCGA, and CGA combine our efforts to form the Golf Association Services of the Carolinas (GASC). GASC provides member clubs with the GHIN Handicap Program (GHP), a handicap computation service that enables clubs to manage their member rosters online and provides members access to score posting at the club, online, and via mobile app. GHIN is the leading handicap computation provider, servicing more than 2.3 million golfers representing 77 golf associations; and nearly 14,000 golf clubs in 47 states, four U.S. territories and four foreign countries.

  • Advantages to having a GHIN handicap include: Real time transfer of score histories (especially convenient for multi-members and golfers who maintain residencies in multiple states); handicap index revision email (comes directly to member’s email inbox on 1st and 15th of each month); access to the most current USGA Course Ratings and Slope Ratings (GHP syncs directly with the USGA National Course Rating Database).
  • Advantages for the golf club subscribing to GHP include: Automatic revisions (since GHP is a web-based system, revisions are conducted without the need for manual transmission); easy Transfer of handicap index and score histories for new members; tools and reporting (GHP offers an array of tools and reports for club administrators and officials including club rosters, course handicap tables, hole by hole score analysis to determine handicap allocations, etc); technical support for both clubs and individuals provided by Carolinas GHIN Support Team.

  • One of the most important features of the GHIN Handicap Program software is the tremendous flexibility of the program. GHIN services more than 7,700 computerized golf clubs around the country, all with many different needs. This can only be accomplished through the flexibility of the many options throughout the program. Options may be set to prompt the member for score information when posting a score such as score type, tee played, and choice of posting an adjusted score or using hole-by-hole entry, which automatically computes Equitable Stroke Control. Clubs may allow individual score posting or restrict posting to a committee or staff member, but in either case, fellow members may review other members' score histories by a simple last name lookup feature.