March 26-27, 2017

The Palmetto Cup Matches, the annual grudge match between South Carolina’s best amateurs and club professionals, has become one of the top team competitions of the year.

The Palmetto Cup matches feature 14 regular South Carolina Golf Association amateurs and four senior amateurs, competing against the top 18 South Carolina Professional Golf Association pros, four of those being senior players as well. The amateurs, along with the pros, are selected by points earned in each association’s major events throughout the year.

The matches have two forms of competition involved in the two-day event. The first day, matches features a Four Ball format while the second day is being played as Captain's Choice matches. The scoring system allows for three points a match for a total of 54 points available. The series stands in the Amateurs Favor at 17-14-1.

Palmetto Cup Matches – Final Results

Palmetto Cup Matches - Final Results

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