Current Amateur Rankings

Current Senior Amateur Rankings


How are the rankings calculated?

The SCGA's Player of the Year is awarded based on a point system earned through performance and participation throughout the course of the year. Points are awarded for top finishes in all of the major amateur events across the United States, but the emphasis of the point structure is put on participation in SCGA and CGA events.

In recent years, SCGA Player of the Year winners have ranged from former tour pros, to collegiate players, to lifelong amateurs. This is representative of the makeup of players who participate not only in SCGA events, but in amateur golf events across the nation. While the Senior division is limited to players 55 and older, its list of past winners displays a similar variety of players. From those who have been lifelong SCGA competitors having grown up and lived their entire life in South Carolina, to those who have relocated here either through work or retirement, the SCGA Senior division also boasts some of the best amateur golfers in the state.

Check out this year's list:

Past Honorees

YearPlayer (Points) Senior (Points)
2015Matt Nesmith (587.5) Rick Cloninger  (412.9)
2014Will Murphy (415) Rick Cloninger (462.5)
2013Todd White (375) Rick Cloninger (420)
2012Todd White (438.8) Rick Cloninger (472.5)
2011Corbin Mills (440) Frank Ford, III (370)
2010Todd White (463.3) Bill Palmer (312.5)
2009Mark Anderson (670.4) Frank Ford, III (437.5)
2008Lee Palms (290) Frank Ford, III (293.5)
2007Patrick Rada (233.8) Frank Ford, III (360)
2006Steve Liebler (267.9) Bill Palmer (380)
2005Steve Liebler (247) Tommy Ford (202)
2004Todd White (294.2) Johnny Dennis (295)
2003Matt Hendrix (425) Vic Hannon (190)
2002D.J. Trahan (440) Vic Hannon (235)
2001D.J. Trahan (416) Bob Stringer (232.5)
2000D.J. Trahan (420) Woody Greene (180)
1999Jonathan Byrd (515) Dick Horne (N/A)
1998Bert Atkinson (160)  
1997Charles Warren (490)  
1996Mark Thaxton (160)  
1995Bert Atkinson (190)  
1994Chris Winchip (150)  
1993Kevin King (170)  
1992Frank Ford (160)  
1991Bert Atkinson (220)  
1990Robert Dargan (180)  
1989Chris Patton (315)  
1988Kevin King (180)  
1987Marion Dantzler (120)