Tournament Pairing Program: Complimentary with subscription to GHP is GHIN’s Tournament Pairing Program (TPP) software, supplying member clubs with the tools necessary to run a wide variety of events including stroke play, match play, four ball, and cup competitions. TPP can administer reports necessary for club events: scorecards, score panels, cart signs, pairings, etc. Technical support provided by Carolinas GHIN Support Team.

  • The program allows teams and flights to be made with many different methods. A feature providing additional alternate teams and flights has been introduced to allow users to conduct more than one event in the same tournament with only one score entry being needed. Pairings may be done with many powerful methods that include: randomly, entry number, sort sequence, sum of gross score, sum of net score, Handicap Index, ABCD, and manually. Exchanges are powerful and easy to use with simple drag-and-drop techniques. A simple right mouse click from this screen can make cart assignments, insert an additional pairing group, or add another position/column for another player for any existing pairing group.
  • Players, teams or flights may play from different tees or a different golf course altogether in the same tournament. Applying Section 3-5 (Players Playing from Different Tees) of the USGA Handicap System Manual can be applied to either different genders or the same gender playing from different tees.
  • Scorecards are designed with many custom options with the program printing the entire face of the scorecard. This prevents alignment problems that are unavoidable when printing into a grid and also allows GHIN to support numerous printers. These same scorecard designs are used at all USGA Amateur Championships. TPP can print numerous reports to include: tee times, scorecards, alphabetical lists, starter's lists, result lists, match play tree, and even print cart signs. With over 100 reports within the report library, golf clubs can produce any report desired. In addition to these pre-designed reports is a powerful report designer allowing any golf club to design its own report by choosing the appropriate field and sort information. Once any report is designed and saved, the club may use that report at any time in the future.
  • Depending on how scores are entered, a variety of formats may be scored including: Gross, Net, Stableford, Chicago Quota, College, Round Robin, Best Ball(s), Best Score(s), Skins, Match Play, and more.