2016SCGA29.518.5Patroit at Grand Harbor
2014SCPGA27.526.5Spring Valley C.C.
2013****SCGA24.529.5C.C. Lexington
2012SCGA513Palmetto GC
2011***SCGA4.513.5Florence CC 
2010SCGA1215Orangeburg CC
2009SCGA 10.516.5Forest Lake club
2008SCGA918Kiawah River Course
2007SCGA10.516.5Bulls Bay Club
2006SCGA7.519.5Long Cove Club
2005SCGA9.517.5CC of SC
2004**SCGA1215Daniel Island
2003SCPGA4437Daniel Island
2002SCPGA4932Florence CC 
2001SCGA3942Florence CC 
2000SCPGA4437Spring Valley
1999SCGA3645Columbia CC
1998SCPGA43.537.5Belfair Plantation
1996SCGA38.542.5Belfair Plantation
1995SCPGA5427Colleton River
1994SCGA37.543.5Colleton River
1993SCGA39.541.5Colleton River
1992SCPGA4635Colleton River
1991SCPGA53.527.5Long Cove Club
1990SCPGA4338Long Cove Club
1989SCPGA4932Long Cove Club
1988SCPGA4932Long Cove Club
1987SCGA4041Long Cove Club
1986EVEN40.540.5Long Cove Club
1985SCPGA4833Long Cove Club
1984SCPGA4131Long Cove Club
1983SCGA28.543.5Long Cove Club
1982SCPGA43.528.5Long Cove Club

**First Year of One Point Instead of Three Point Matches
*** Changed Fromats and deleted singles matches
**** Changed format to 4 Ball and Captain's Choice 3 points a match