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SCGA Super Senior & Mixed Team Championships

Schedules Confirmed

Schedule Update 10/11/16 - 11.30 am We are on schedule for the Super Senior Championship at Florence next week. As for the Mixed Team Championship, unfortunately due to the damage left on Fripp sland from Hurricane Matthew, we have had to cancel the 2016 Championship. This event will NOT be re-scheduled or moved and we'll try again in 2017. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Palmetto Golfer

Kevin Kisner - From "Ready to Quit" to Racing to the Top

There was the occasional golf cart "hung up" in the trees after a joy ride gone wrong. Then there was the time he jumped behind the wheel of his dad's truck and ran it up to the course, as a 13-year-old. Growing up in Aiken, Kevin Kisner's driving got him in trouble from an early age.