SCGA Forty Plus Finale – Final Results

2017 SCGA 40+ Series Finale
TPC Myrtle Beach
Murrells Inlet, SC
December 10-11, 2017

Benji McCall and Jason Meadows held onto their first round lead to capture the Tournament Division title at the SCGA 40+ Finale held at TPC Myrtle Beach. McCall and Meadows secured the victory after a one hole playoff with Stan Sill and Josh McMillan. Rich Houghton and Ryan Petz took home the Tournament Division Net title with a two day total of 132.

In the Senior Division, Andy Congdon and Lance Trent took home the Gross Division after a two day total of 136. Pete Clough and Jim Post won the Net Division with a second round of nine under par 63 and two round total of 129.

Greg Schachner and Vince Williams continued their steady play with a second round of two under par 70 to take home the Super Senior Gross championship. Jimmy Banello and Scott Schwarz took the Net title with a second round 64 and two day total of 130.

The 2017 SCGA Forty Plus Finale is being played at the TPC Myrtle Beach Club. The Tournament division is playing from 6,485 yards, the Senior Division from 6,193 yards and the Super Senior Division is playing a 5,783 yard course. The field consists of 48 two-man teams playing a Best Ball format conducted over thirty-six holes. Awards will be giving to the top teams in both the Gross & Net Division. The Forty Plus Finale is one of 7 Forty Plus events & over 100 Tournaments conducted annually by the South Carolina Golf Association.

Final Results

 Gross Results  
 Tournament Division Gift Cert.
1McCall, Benji / Meadows, Jason68-69---137*$350
2McMillan, Josh / Sill, Stan69-68---137$300
3Fain, Max / Whitehead, Todd73-65---138$250
4Clontz, Ron / Johnson, Yancey69-70---139$200
5Hester, Kevin / Sullivan, Dan69-71---140$150
6Eassy, Chris / Friday, Scott69-72---141 
7Culclasure, Mike / Hall, Craig72-71---143 
T8Houghton, Rich / Petz, Ryan71-73---144 
T8Cobb, Mike / Horne, Marc72-72---144 
T10Nance, Dean / Ramey, Doug75-70---145 
T10Bovender, Rob / Caprio, Mike72-73---145 
T10Sieling, Hank / Campbell, Chris73-72---145 
T13Campbell, Michael / Reardon, Tim75-71---146 
T13Kennedy, Brian / Page, Norman72-74---146 
T15Constantino, Dan / Henson, Marty75-74---149 
T15Perry, Greg / Tompkins, Stephen75-74---149 
T17Gleaton, Chad / Ulmer, Fred73-78---151 
T17Fleming, Bruce / Lyons, Paul77-74---151 
19Beasley, Howie / Christiansen, Chris80-72---152 
20Conway, Paul / Vroon, Dan76-77---153 
T21Ream, Bobby / Tucker, Joe76-78---154 
T21Ehlich, Chris / Wilson, Michael76-78---154 
23Schwab, Dennis / Werner, Trey79-76---155 
24King, Dale / Schwab, Timothy74-82---156 
25Neal, Richie / Tindall, Jeff80-77---157 
26Dietz, Doug / Gaither, Daniel78-80---158 
27Amundson, Dave / Turner, Paul86-78---164 
28Cone, James / Jenkins, Von84-84---168 
29Flintom, Michael / Watkins, Mark70-WD---WD 
  *Won via Playoff  
 Senior Division  
1Congdon, Andy / Trent, Lance70-66---136$300
T2Wagner, Duff / Willis, Terry72-68---140$225
T2Odiorne, Walter / Shealy, Bernie68-72---140$225
4Teaster, Tim / Wallace, Holley72-71---143 
5Hoffman, Bob / Kabas, Scott76-69---145 
6Clough, Pete / Post, Jim74-72---146 
7Ormond, John / Stubbs, Danny76-71---147 
T8Harley, Bill / Messick, Kirk77-77---154 
T8Oyervides, Rick / Satterfield, Ricky76-78---154 
10Stembridge, James / Wilson, Rufus80-75---155 
11Farley, Phil / Galbavy, Ed77-79---156 
12Childers, Jim / Trawick, Lee81-77---158 
13Crawford, Blair / Reid, Allen82-79---161 
14Matthews, Rodney / Ready, Rodney Jr.85-77---162 
15Calkins, Mike / Smith, Sandy82-82---164 
 Super Senior Division  
1Schachner, Greg / Williams, Vince72-70---142$200
2Banello, Jimmy / Schwarz, Scott74-71---145 
3Thomas, Dallas / Wood, Oren74-73---147 
4Hendley, Ryan / Lever, Tommy76-73---149 
 Net Results  
 Tournament Division Gift Cert.
1McCall, Benji / Meadows, Jason64-67---131* 
2Houghton, Rich / Petz, Ryan65-67---132$300
T3Cobb, Mike / Horne, Marc67-66---133$225
T3Dietz, Doug / Gaither, Daniel66-67---133$225
T5Kennedy, Brian / Page, Norman68-67---135$150
T5McMillan, Josh / Sill, Stan68-67---135* 
7Perry, Greg / Tompkins, Stephen68-68---136$100
8Culclasure, Mike / Hall, Craig68-69---137 
T9Campbell, Michael / Reardon, Tim71-67---138 
T9Gleaton, Chad / Ulmer, Fred67-71---138 
T9Beasley, Howie / Christiansen, Chris73-65---138 
T12Fain, Max / Whitehead, Todd75-64---139 
T12Hester, Kevin / Sullivan, Dan68-71---139 
T14Ream, Bobby / Tucker, Joe69-71---140 
T14Clontz, Ron / Johnson, Yancey69-71---140 
T16Nance, Dean / Ramey, Doug73-68---141 
T16Neal, Richie / Tindall, Jeff72-69---141 
T16Bovender, Rob / Caprio, Mike70-71---141 
T16Sieling, Hank / Campbell, Chris71-70---141 
20Fleming, Bruce / Lyons, Paul73-69---142 
21Eassy, Chris / Friday, Scott71-73---144 
T22Amundson, Dave / Turner, Paul75-70---145 
T22Conway, Paul / Vroon, Dan71-74---145 
T22Constantino, Dan / Henson, Marty72-73---145 
25King, Dale / Schwab, Timothy69-78---147 
T26Schwab, Dennis / Werner, Trey76-72---148 
T26Cone, James / Jenkins, Von75-73---148 
28Ehlich, Chris / Wilson, Michael74-76---150 
29Flintom, Michael / Watkins, Mark68-WD---WD 
 *Won more in Gross Division  
 Senior Division  
1Congdon, Andy / Trent, Lance66-61---127* 
2Clough, Pete / Post, Jim66-63---129$250
3Ormond, John / Stubbs, Danny70-63---133$200
T4Oyervides, Rick / Satterfield, Ricky66-68---134$75
T4Childers, Jim / Trawick, Lee69-65---134$75
6Odiorne, Walter / Shealy, Bernie66-70---136 
7Hoffman, Bob / Kabas, Scott72-65---137 
8Crawford, Blair / Reid, Allen71-67---138 
9Matthews, Rodney / Ready, Rodney Jr.73-66---139 
T10Wagner, Duff / Willis, Terry72-68---140 
T10Teaster, Tim / Wallace, Holley70-70---140 
12Stembridge, James / Wilson, Rufus72-69---141 
13Farley, Phil / Galbavy, Ed70-73---143 
14Harley, Bill / Messick, Kirk72-72---144 
15Calkins, Mike / Smith, Sandy72-74---146 
 *Won more in Gross Division  
 Super Senior Division  
1Schachner, Greg / Williams, Vince66-63---129* 
2Banello, Jimmy / Schwarz, Scott66-64---130$150
3Hendley, Ryan / Lever, Tommy70-68---138 
4Thomas, Dallas / Wood, Oren71-70---141 
 *Won more in Gross Division